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These are top five of our client’s considerations
  1. Fast
    In clearing and turn around being the targets, we have the resources to get your product to your destination at a rapid pace. Refer to our customers and you might also decide to use our expertise in Cargo Handling & Dispatch.

  2. Reliable
    Being the largest multi modal transporter, our customers’ needs and expectations are at the fore front of our business since 1980. Being in this field for 25 years and using Shipping, Road and Rail; transport efficiently, especially considering the large volume we handle our customers expect and demand reliable service.

    • Change in to top gear and cruise into the market
    • Let us do the moving, you get noticed in the market!! Let us show you the reason why we have so many SATISFIED clients and why we are the largest in the region.

  3. Experience
    Can you afford to do business with a company that delivers your goods one way?
    To be competitive in today’s market, how much can you afford to have your product sitting in a warehouse when our competition is breathing down your neck? From normal cargo, small sensitive to abnormal machinery massive or huge components, we handle everything with care. Being the largest, there is no item we have not handled with utmost precaution to our customers extreme satisfaction.

  4. Professionalism
    Whether your goods are extremely delicate & fragile or heavy duty & robust. We will take care of it like a new born. In order to meet your trust & expectation, the new and varied equipment that we use, extensive technical procedures such as (but not limited to) air suspension trailers, feather touch lifting systems, heavy duty reach stacker or small forklifts for stuffing & destuffing, side loaders, cranes… you name it we have it!!! Whatever your requirements let us show you how we can customize our professionalism to meet your needs!

    • Our customers count on us to deliver on time, each time
    • Our customers are forever impressed with our professionalism
    • We can deliver because all our equipment are ready and accessible, just push the button

  5. Competitive in Costing
    We will beat any reasonable cost of processing your goods. Call us to customize the delivery to meet your demands. Shortcuts have a heavy price to pay! Put your trust in our handling and equipment. Our customers have tried others and come back to us to help them correct the disasters.

  6. Self Sufficient
    TRH is the one of the Logistics company in EAST AFRICA which is self sufficient, since we have our own Transportation vehicle, we have our own Equipment right from 1 Tons up to 100 Tons capacity. We have warehousing facility and we can handle any equipment whether normal or Abnormal we have all the expertise to do that.

  7. Security
    When the client brings the cargo whether import or export TRH has the best security whether it is locally or international haulage.

  8. Service
    Door to door service to the client.

  9. Multi Mode Transport
    TRH can provide to and pro from Zambia multi modal transport using TAZARA by Rail and Road Transportation.
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